Here is what some of Audrey's clients had to say about her services:

"I've had many massages in my life but they were no comparison to Audrey's massage and WATSU sessions. She doesn't just massage sore muscles: her touch seems to penetrate down to my core. The combination of her strong, yet compassionate healing touch along with essential oils, hot stones and peaceful music washes the pain and stress right out of my body. After her sessions I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling re-charged and ready to face the daily challenges of running my service business." Mike

"Audrey made me feel like I was the most important person in the world for every moment of my massage. Audrey didn't just address my physical body, she also focused on my emotional being through the use of affirmations and energy work. I went in a stressed out bundle of nerves, and left feeling born anew." Chris

"To experience a WATSU session from Audrey is the closest I've come to knowing what it feels like to be totally safe, protected and at peace." Christine

"I have had nothing but great experiences with Audrey. She has done an awesome job in releasing the tension and knots between my shoulder blades. Audrey is very knowledgeable and creates a warm, relaxing environment which makes the massage experience more enjoyable." Terina

"Audrey is an excellent massage therapist. She is a very spiritual person and very in tune with her clients and their needs. She listens to us and adjusts each of our massage sessions based on how we are feeling that day. She has definitely improved the quality of my husband's life (a stroke survivor) and my life! We look forward to our massages each week, if we miss for any reason our bodies let us know. We are believers in the value of massage and we very highly recommend Audrey's services." Linda and Frank

"I loved your WATSU session. It was soooo relaxing! I've never experienced anything like it..... I definitely felt some release in my body and spine with your gentle touch. I think pregnant moms would definitely benefit from this." Katie

"I absolutely loved the WATSU session. it felt so good being in the warm water and having you massage and stretch my body. I think you moving your hands to stretch my back and neck was one of my favorite parts of the massage. I have back issues so after the session I noticed my back was quiet, no pain, just completely relaxed and calm and at ease. I haven't felt this way in a long time!" Lynn

"I am writing to thank you for the most wonderful massage. With just moments notice my sister surprised me with the gift of massage and we were quickly off to your peaceful, serene home studio. The setting was quiet and comfortable and you made me feel relaxed right away. We all have stress in life and mine began to accumulate. Your skilled touch allowed that tension from stress to melt away. As a physical therapist I can sense the hands of a skilled professional. I can sincerely attest to a perfect massage that day at your hands. Thank you again for your expertise." Raelene.

“There are massage therapists and then there are massage THERAPISTS. Audrey is definitely a massage THERAPIST!” Linda