What is WATSU?

WATSU begins where life begins...In water.

WATSU combines a series of yoga like stretches and shiatsu massage techniques that resemble a graceful dance. Some moves involve gentle rocking and cradling by the therapist. The head is supported so that the face is above the surface of the water at all times.

The spine is freed and the breath expands

The support of the warm water enhances the ability of the soft tissues to lengthen. The nervous system relaxes and tension is reduced on a cellular level throughout the body.

It is not uncommon in the soft, nurturing, water environment for emotional release to occur. There is a profound feeling of peace which goes beyond all understanding.

The magic of WATSU is water heated to precisely the same temperature as your skin. In this water, gravity and weight become irrelevant and the therapist can manipulate, stretch, and massage your body in ways not possible on land, with subtlety and virtually no effort.

Supported in this warmth and safety, your muscles and fascia are free to give up their long held patterns of guarding, tension, holding, and pain.

And your mind is free to quiet itself.

Clients who have received a WATSU session from me have commented that after a WATSU session, they felt profoundly relaxed, the soreness and fatigue in their muscles decreased dramatically and their joints felt more open and mobile. And they also experienced a deep restful sleep. Clients with back pain and arthritis reported a decrease in their pain and easier movement in their joints. This is due to the continual rocking and stretching which works to free the joints and loosen the muscles. WATSU is gentle yet penetrates deeply without the client experiencing any pain.

A large percentage of the population suffers from back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain. Many have avoided traditional massage because they felt it would cause them to experience more pain or discomfort. With WATSU, these types of people now have an opportunity to experience bodywork because of the unique nature of WATSU. The warm water, the weightlessness, and the gentleness of WATSU enables your body to be moved and freed in ways not possible with land based massage. As the end result, you will experience an immediate decrease in your pain level and feel an overall sense of well being.



Reduced pain, stress, and fatigue.
Reduced muscle tension and guarding
Increased energy and range of motion
Improved body awareness, muscle tone, posture, breathing, and circulation.
Recovery from and release of emotional issues.


Recovery from strains, sprains, fractures, and surgery.
Acute and chronic pain, including headaches
Chronic fatigue, sleeping problems
Stress and anxiety related disorders
Neuromuscular disorders