Welcome to Full Circle Wellness LLC

Welcome to Full Circle Wellness LLC

Changing Lives in Sweetwater, NJ, Hammonton, NJ and Somers Point, NJ

Full Circle Wellness is conveniently located in two locations: Pine Barrens town of Sweetwater, NJ, on the Mullica River and Somers Point, NJ. This sleepy town is rich in history, folktales, and diverse ecologically sensitive landscapes. As you drive through the winding, tree-lined roads you'll feel your stress melt away, becoming closer to nature and further from the hustle and bustle.

Come Enjoy the Serenity of Nature by attending one of our Health and Wellness Retreats

The focus and mission of Full Circle Wellness is to help people stay active and healthy throughout their lives by promoting the healing of body, mind, and spirit.
Through the healing power of therapeutic massage, reiki, nature retreats and water fitness therapy, Full Circle Wellness facilitates healing on every level of being.
Our therapies are perfected for:

Busy Professionals - Who need to maintain concentration through sustained relief from stress, muscle tension, or even sleep deprivation.

Health & Wellness Enthusiasts - Striving to ensure life balance by enhancing flexibility, vitality and strength.

Athletes - To improve and maintain peak performance on the court, field, course, track, or in the water.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy should not be thought of as an occasional indulgent treat. There are many benefits of massage therapy. Enjoy a therapeutic massage with Full Circle Wellness and keep your body preforming at its best!

Complimentary 20 minute Phone Consultation

Do you want to have less stress? More energy? Want to sleep better? Are you confused about what you need to feel healthy and vibrant? We invite you to contact us for a 20 minute complementary phone consultation to discuss your issues and needs. Let us help guide you to the services that would best serve you