Life Coaching

Life can be challenging especially with the pace humans move. Most times they’re moving so fast and don’t take time to step back to reflect on where they’re at in their lives. Life just seems to happen making them feel like a victim of circumstance. They don’t understand why negative things happen that deter them from reaching their goals or experiencing the kind of life they really desire.

What most people don’t realize is that what goes on in their internal world as thoughts, feelings, beliefs, judgements, all play out in the external world physically. The experiences they have are mostly a reflection of their internal world.

Once you understand this and become more aware of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally, paying attention to what is going on inside your heart, your body and your mind, gives you greater power to direct your life, steering it like the captain of a ship. You no longer are the victim but become a conscious creator. Self - awareness brings you back into your power.

When you move through life at a chaotic pace not paying attention to yourself and your inner world, it’s easy to become caught off guard with a challenging situation or event that throws you into an emotional response, usually unpleasant and downright painful.

When in this state it is difficult to see the forest through the trees. It’s easy to become stuck in a pattern that keeps repeating itself until you get the “lesson”.

If you find yourself saying: “Why does this keep happening to me?” You are asking the right question but may need help uncovering the answers.

Certainly you can share your problems with family and friends and they’ll be happy to offer love and support and a compassionate ear but they may not be able to see the bigger picture or recurring patterns. If they do see them they don’t know why either.

A trained, objective person / Life Coach can help you:

• See the patterns or behaviors that keep you stuck
• Help identify and eliminate road blocks – Fear, procrastination, perfectionism
• Help you understand how your thoughts effect things
• Identify goals, desires, dreams and make a plan to achieve them
• Challenge you to go out of your comfort zone for greater self growth
• Hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself.
• Give you gentle nudges and tough love when needed to keep moving you forward.

A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.
Three main aspects can be used to describe what a life coach does:


The life coach provides tools and support for you to gain insight into your life, hence enabling you to reach your goals.


Helping you to realize your own self-worth and self-belief that has, for one reason or another, diminished and help you commit to doing the work for your desired result.


You make progress by going from where you are to where you want to be, ultimately reaching your goals.

Here at Full Circle Wellness call our life coaching, personal support sessions, it isn’t just sitting and talking. Emotions effect the body and energy levels. If a person is feeling down or depressed, lethargic with little motivation it will be difficult to reach the desired results. Sometimes the body needs a boost to help eliminate pain and boost energy.

We’ve combined our life coaching sessions with massage, energy work and herbal supplements to help you heal on every level and feel your best from the inside out! All of this additional support helps you move through the healing process more easily. Life is easier when you have a positive mindset and feel healthy.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, sign up for a complementary Personal Support Session. Link.

In your complementary session we’ll discuss:

Where you’re at / the problem
Your goal / desired outcome
Identify patterns and blocks
Ways to start moving forward in a positive direction
How continued support can be your best ally

Live Support Package - $199.

30 minute massage
30 minute energy healing
90 minute in person session

Phone Support Session - $125

90 minute phone coaching session
30 minute Distant energy healing

Love Yourself, Love Your Life! – A program for women to reclaim their lives after the end of a relationship or divorce.

3 month program: Live or phone - $799.00

*Learn 7 crucial steps to start on the path of healing your heart
* Receive Reiki energy healing with each session