Nature Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

Nature Therapy for Body, Mind and Soul

Long ago humans lived close to the land, understanding nature’s messages and gifts.

In our current society we no longer hunt and forage for our food or rely on the sun, moon and stars to tell us where we are in what time of year.

People suffering from depression and anxiety are increasing at an alarming rate. As technology advances making our lives “easier” we become more disconnected from our natural surroundings including ourselves. People have lost touch with the environment and how to relate to it by compartmentalizing their lives from home, to car, to work in climate controlled spaces, spending minimal time outdoors, thus increasing their discomfort at the natural rhythms and temperatures of the seasons. Even rates of ADHD and ADD in children is on the rise as well as diabetes and heart disease that once were considered adult diseases.

Sadly, it has been concluded that more and more people as well as children suffer from nature deficit disorder. A new term coined by Richard Louv in his book “Last child in the woods”. Humans are becoming more disconnected, Doctors in Japan actually prescribe time spent in nature, called shin Rin Yoku or Forest bathing.

Ever notice how calm you feel sitting near the ocean? Or How child like you get on a warm night seeing fire flies light up? When you see a beautiful flower, isn’t your first reaction to breathe in its fragrance? Nature is in our very being, it’s who we are at the core.

Eco Therapy or nature therapy is a new twist on counseling. Therapists bring people into nature or provide a nature experience to help give them a sense of calm, connectedness, reduce depression and anxiety and remind them they are part of a larger whole.

Being in nature is like meditation. It forces us to slow down, we become more still as the mind chatter quiets helping us to become more in tune with ourselves.

Perhaps taking a nature walk or getting into nature is difficult for some, especially if they live in a city scape. There are ways to incorporate nature into your life even if you can’t get outside much.

Here are a few ways to get a nature fix without venturing too far.

*Listen to birdsong & nature sounds on headphones or speaker

*Look at pictures or videos of nature

* Grow or tend to a plant

* Get some houseplants

*Start a garden

* Set a vase of fragrant flowers near to you

*Volunteer at a nature preserve or state park

Many famous authors and poets wrote of the wonders of nature and the feelings it evoked. John Muir authored
countless of poems about his time spent traversing the country and witnessing nature’s grandeur.

He wrote: “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found was really going in.”

Time spent in nature has positive mental, emotional, physical and physiological effects on a person. These positive effects include:

*Reduced anxiety/ depression

* Reduced Stress

*Decreased blood pressure

*Improved Mood

*Boost immune system

Immersing in nature is where we can find ourselves. But quite often we get lost in the confusion of our thoughts. Think of nature therapy as support without walls. With nature therapy you give yourself over to Mother Nature. There she holds you gently, guiding you back to your heart while promoting healing and greater self awareness. She reveals your negative patterns and encourages you to release them to become empowered for positive growth and change.

Nature Therapy can help with:

Anxiety/ Depression

Grief / Loss

Stress Management

Improved Coping Skills

Improving Self Esteem

Post Traumatic Stress

We are all co Creators of our own lives. We reap what we sow. Our outer lives are a direct effect of our inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In a safe, supportive space I gently and lovingly show you how one affects the other.

Together we explore ways to promote positive change for your greater peace, happiness and fulfillment.
If you’ve been struggling in your life I can help you on your path to a brighter tomorrow. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Let me guide you on your journey.

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