WATSU for Pregnancy

WATSU for Pregnancy

Is your pregnancy causing you pain or discomfort? Do you feel fatigued? Joints or back ache? Want a good night's sleep?

WATSU can help!
WATSU is an excellent technique for relieving the discomfort pregnancy brings. It allows the new mom to comfortably float and receive bodywork in a weightless environment similar to that experienced by their baby.

WATSU Benefits for Pregnancy
Reduces pain, fatigue, and swelling
Reduces leg cramps
Improves sleep patterns
Helps ease morning sickness
Decreases risk of varicose veins
Gently helps the baby align in the birth canal

"The Watsu sessions were a blessing during my pregnancy. My daughter arrived August 8th, almost 2 weeks after her due date." Elizabeth

“I’ve never felt this stretched in a long time! It feels wonderful! I felt the baby moving with me as I was moving through the water. I feel like I want to call my mother.” Ellie

“I loved it and want to schedule again before the baby comes to make sure I'm relaxed and everything is nice and loose. After the session walking was easier, my hips felt great, and I had more energy. I see my midwife tomorrow so I will be sharing your information with her.” Melissa

“I had Mia Wednesday on her due date. She came very fast so no chance for drugs! Thank you for all of your help getting my body ready, I really think it made a difference!” Melissa